Definition of a HATE MONGER; 1.) A person or group who uses social, fraternal, political beliefs or passions of any kind as a platform to spread their hatred for another individual or group 2.)A person or group who spreads lies to damage or destroy the reputation of another person or a group; their actions are done under the guise of promoting a upright social, fraternal, or political or a religious agenda.

1) Ignore the facts and adhere to your pre-conceived prejudices.
The HATE MONGER doesn’t need anything to substantiate the truth in the matter he is promoting. After all, he is not trying to spread the truth. His objective is wallow in his hatred and convince others to feel the same as he feel about his target.

2) Employ “Politician’s Logic”
The HATE MONGER will promote his hate to those who he believes thinks as he does first, and then to anyone who will listen to him and may join his team just to join something. He will organize a large group of like minded thinkers and have them all promoting his hatred for his target.

3) The HATE MONGER doesn’t even try to get his facts straight.
No need to verify anything, just go ahead and put out false information. Most people he talks to wont check the facts anyway, as they are too busy thinking about their own stuff to take the time to verify anything. Some will believe him, some wont. So the HATE MONGER concentrates very hard on the believers and doesn’t waste his time on anyone who asks for any kind of proof.

4) The HATE MONGER uses rhetoric at every opportunity.
The HATE MONGER believes the more unbelievable the lies are, the more will believe them. The more he stirs the pot the more it stinks. The more lies he puts out, the more lies will be out there. Soon the lies will become believable. Even if the target is in New York and the incident he is blaming him for is in California, that does not matter. It’s the seed the HATE MONGER is planting, not the flower. The HATE MONGER will be very convincing.

5) The HATE MONGER never presents an honest depiction of those whom he wishes to smear.
The HATE MONGER always adds something bad to any good story about his target. If your target gave a million dollars cash to a charity he will say he was trying to control the charity, or he will make up something the target is getting for his investment, If his target built a great world wide organization the HATE MONGER will always find bad news promote about it, its ideals, it goals what it has done wrong, or its management tactics.

6) The HATE MONGER will raise support for his hate cause by claiming his plan is to save the world from his target.
This is how hate groups recruit. They find a few sympathetic supporters and build from them. Usually the sympathetic supporter has some kind of following he can convince of the hate lies the HATE MONGER wishes to spread. If the sympathetic supporter will not support the HATE MONGER, the HATE MONGER will make him or anyone else connected to him a target. They are either for the HATE MONGER or against him, no fence sitters. The HATE MONGER will try to convince them in a soft gentle way first. If that doesn’t work he becomes more persistent. When that fails they are called a supporter of the target and the HATE MONGER attacks them and anyone they are affiliated with.

7) The HATE MONGER tramples underfoot the Eighth Commandment.
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. The Bible says all men are liars. Is the HATE MONGER any better? No, just a little better calculated than most. So the HATE MONGER will spread his lies and enjoy the fruits of his labor while he is making his attempt to convince others he is right. There is only one fatal error in the HATE MONGER’S calculations. It is what God says in Rev 21:8. God says 8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. The HATE MONGER is all the above in one well designed package...