The Widows Sons have come a long way since 1998, and they still have a long way to go. Like any other large fast growing organization, the Widows Sons has a few chapters that are not in line with the founding purposes and landmarks because of the fast growth. During the early stages of fast growth, those who were chartering were very busy and lost track of the Landmarks and bylaws . When this happened, the newly chartered Grand Chapters were not founded on the Landmarks of the Widows Sons and the founding bylaws. They were founded on what the organizers believed they should be.  As Widows Sons we need to work together as a team to bring all chapters back into line with the Landmarks and bylaws. The Landmarks and bylaws are what defines us as Widows Sons.

The Widows Sons are not a motorcycle club or a gang. We are not the Sons of Anarchy. That is a make believe television show made in movie land to create an image of a motorcycle club.

We were founded to aid and assist widows and orphans of master masons. There was no other reason to found the Widows Sons. We were founded in 1998 and operated with 4 chapters until 2001. We then added the second and third purposes of the Widows Sons. During our explosion of growth. three coordinators were appointed on a temporary basis to help manage the growth.  That was in 2002.

In 2011, the coordinators were retired in favor of the original founding way of chartering new chapters. Grand Chapters will be doing all chartering from 2011.  Anyone who calls themselves a national coordinator is not. There are none. The position has been retired.  Do not be deceived when someone calls themselves any kind of national anything.

In the original bylaws for the Widows Sons, it is clearly stated that there are no national officers. Due to the autonomy clause in the bylaws, the practice of having national or international officers cause a conflict in the founding bylaws. If a chapter is a Grand Chapter of a country there will be national officers. In the United States all states are autonomous of one another.

We need to get back to the basics of the Widows Sons. The basics are the Founding Landmarks and Bylaws. These bylaws will not allow any person or group to force national offices on chapters within the Widows Sons . Please read the Founding bylaws and Landmarks and you will see what the original wordage says about national offices inside the Widows Sons. The Widows Sons were founded on these bylaws. The Widows Sons have not changed since 1998. Only those who push for national officers within the Widows Sons are attempting to make the Widows Sons what they want them to be, rather than what they were founded to be. They claim we have outgrown the founding bylaws.  They feel a national ruling committee is needed. Guess who will be on the national ruling committee? If you said "them". you are right.

National Committees are always introduced  as a vehicle for the good of the organization, but after a short time in existence, someone starts building an empire within the committee and begins lining up his ducks. Once the ducks are lined up a ruling group will be formed. TO RULE...There will be chapters who are not part of the inner circle and they will suffer as result. It is better to NOT have any national rule and let the Grand Chapters govern their state. That gives all Grand Chapters a level playing field. Do not give up your autonomy because with it goes your authority to rule your own state.

When we follow the founding landmarks and bylaws each state will have all authority in its state and will govern itself. We do not need a small group making decisions for the entity of Widows Sons. I am certain you do not want to be ruled by a group of outsiders who do not have your interests at heart...