Brothers In Need

The duty of "Aid and Assistance" is an important obligation, imposed upon every brother of the order. "To aid and assist all worthy distressed Master Masons, their widows and orphans."

This is according to human nature that will always prefer a friend to a stranger.
Expressed in the language of "Long Tom Coffin":
A messmate before a shipmate. A shipmate before a stranger. A stranger before a dog.
As we have the opportunity, let us do well for all men, especially to those of the same house.
We must be ready to aid those who need our help, brothers or strangers.

If those we could have helped and don't, are lost, we lose even more. For these poor people only lose what they have, but we lose them, our dignity, and our own self worth.


Brothers, a string of emails I received today. Please read them and govern yourselves accordingly.

On Oct 28, 2013, at 1:08 PM, Worshipful Master <> wrote:


 It is with an extremely heavy heart that I report the passing of our
 dear brother Stephen Curameng of a sudden heart attack.

Stephen was an absolutely true and faithful brother among us, and
those of us who went to the Annual Communication in San Francisco had
the opportunity to see him and his ever-smiling face there.

He leaves behind a young family, and we are researching and talking
 with them to see how we can assist them in an immensely difficult

 They will have a Masonic memorial, and we will pass on the details as
soon as we get them. We know it will be well attended, as Stephen was
 always surrounded by his Masonic brethren.

 With a saddened heart,

 Wil Smith
 Irvine Valley Lodge #671
 23685 Birtcher Drive
Lake Forest CA, 92630

From: Worshipful Master <>
Date: October 29, 2013, 12:59:18 PM PDT
To: Irvine Valley Lodge <irvine-valley-lodge-671@googl>
Subject: [IVL #671] I need your help, re: Stephen Curameng
Reply-To: irvine-valley-lodge-671@google


As I sent out yesterday, a brother of ours has fallen.

Stephen Curameng leaves us, aged 35, and is survived by his wife, and
four daughters, including a 2 week old baby.

 I am in contact with his widow, and will pass on info as it becomes available.

 I do have a impassioned and timely plea.

 His widow needs help, and I need your help to assist her.

 She is not working, as she is with baby, and the family no longer has
 an income.

 She does not know how she can even afford the burial.

 In accordance with our duty, it is our honor to bury our own, and she
 will not be burdened with that cost.

 Further, I will have a collection hat out at tonight's degree, and we
will continue to organize donations and fundraisers for them.

 She is our widow now, and it's incumbent on us to take care of her as
 far as we can do so.

 Please stretch out your hands in a timely manner. If you cannot help
 in person, donations can be organized through our Secretary, Wor. Mike
 Neben, who can be reached at

 Thank you,

Wil Smith
 Irvine Valley Lodge #671
23685 Birtcher Drive
 Lake Forest CA, 92630

Here is the funeral announcement (see below) for Bro Steven. His WS's application was pending - He was simply waiting for his end of the year bonus for his down payment on his Harley.

 His passing is EXACTLY our mission as Widows Sons. Bro Steve leaves behind his wife and four daughters.

 Our goal should be to contribute $1000 to his widows relief. If we can raise $100 per chapter - I will personally make up the rest - And present it to her on behalf of all Widows Sons.

I'll update with service info as released.


>Bro Danny



The town of High River was the hardest hit, with 15,000 people displaced. Donations for assistance can be forwarded as per Tony Singh's Red Cross notice or directed to:

Cornerstone #19
GL of Alberta
306 4th St SE
High River, AB

More info:
ANTHONY SINGH  587-227-3847



Donations for the family of our late Brother James Hensley
can be sent to:

James Hensley Children's Fund
C/O Solomons Builders Ohio WSMRA
6525 Thompson Rd.
Cincinnati Ohio 45247




Donations for WB Dan Frazee  can be  made to:

Destiny Church
Attn: Frazee Family Fund
P.O. Box 208
Lebanon Ohio 45036






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