Many have expressed their desire to have a Masonic Funeral Service when their time comes. This is every Mason's right. 

The Widows Sons Masonic funeral services or ceremonies, are held at the request of a departed Brother or his family. Widows Sons Masonic funeral services are usually held at the funeral home, but they can be held at a church, synagogue, grave site, or Lodge room or any place chosen by the departed brother or his family.

If it is your wish to have a Widows Sons Masonic funeral services or a Widows Sons memorial held for you, you should make it known to your Grand Chapter and your immediate family, so they are aware of your desire. The service will be held at the pleasure of the family, where ever the family wants it held with the only restriction being that the service, once started, must be completed without any interruptions.

It is highly recommended that you put your wishes in writing giving a copy your immediate family, your Widows Sons Grand Chapter, and then attach a copy to your will so that your desire is known.

Keep in mind that the trauma suffered by the survivors will affect their ability to think as clearly as they normally do.  Widows are at a loss and their normal thinking process is usually clouded by the big loss they have just suffered, and the fear of their future security. Therefore putting important dates and memories on a written historical memo can aid them in remembering what was important when they need to remember it.  

Your historical memo should be a simple listing of your date and place of birth, names of brothers and sisters, marriages, number of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, religious affiliation, favourite scriptures, hymns, songs, church offices held, occupation or vocation, social accomplishments, recognitions or awards, membership in fraternal or civic/service clubs, offices held, dates of military service, rank held and any major medals, citations or commendations earned, also any public offices held. By way of additional information, include such things as hobbies, and your accomplishments.

The historical memo can be read or passed out at the funeral, and will be comforting because its readers will get a better insight into the life of the person they have come to pay their respects to.