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Autonomy and Rumors

When the Widows Sons were founded, on February 18, 1998, my intention was to be autonomous. Autonomy was described as each Grand Chapter operating its chapter under the rules and regulation of the Grand Lodge of its state, without outside voice or vote in it state.  

Autonomy was purposely included into the founding bylaws to prevent those who would want to rule regionally, nationally, or internationally, over the Widows Sons from ruling over anything outside their state, whether they call themselves by regional, national or international titles.

Autonomy was also intentionally included into the founding bylaws to prevent any kind of regional, national or international officers in the Widows Sons, whether they were elected by a small percentage to cover a small region, or self-appointing by themselves, or hand picked by someone attempting to act as a spokesman for the Widows Sons. There are no spokesmen for the entity of the Widows Sons. Anything more than state by state governing only creates politics, competition and division amongst the craft. These problems are caused by those who feel the need to be “in charge,” and will “do what it takes” to be in charge rather than creating harmony.

Autonomy was purposely included into the founding bylaws so that each Grand Chapter would have ultimate authority over its operations.  Autonomy was fully intended to prevent any Grand Chapter from having to follow any type of chain of command, voices, forces, influences or demands from anyone outside its jurisdiction.  Nobody from outside the state was intended to have any voice in their affairs. I call this “Locking yourself up inside your state and not allowing anyone from outside your state to have any voice in your operations.” The only voice in your state belongs to you.

Autonomy is not a license to do what ever a Grand Chapter wants just because they are autonomous and nobody can tell them what to do. Autonomy was defined in the 6th Founding Landmark as:

ruling and governing their own state business and activities in accordance with the due boundaries of Freemasonry of their state, first, then within the due boundaries of these Widows Sons founding by-laws and founding landmarks of the Widows Sons.


Although the Grand Chapter is the ultimate authority in its state, autonomy does not give a Grand Chapter the authority to abuse the power given it by autonomy. The Grand Chapter is autonomous only when it governs itself according to the governing structure of its Grand Lodge.

The simple fact that a Grand Chapter is autonomous does not give it the authority to remove an affiliate chapter without sound reason, investigation, and proof of improper conduct. Autonomy should never be used as a weapon or added to a witch hunt. Disagreements are not improper conduct and provide no sound reason to remove an affiliate chapter.  Negotiation, as masons, is the correct tool to solve disagreements within a state.

Autonomy protects a Grand Chapter when it is operating under the rules and guides of its Grand Lodge. If a Grand Chapter does not follow its Grand Lodges’ laws, the authority of its autonomy is lost.

When a Grand Chapter is in line with its Grand Lodge, and an affiliate chapter is rebelling, the Grand Chapter should investigate and find proof of the cause of the rebellion, and remove the cause, but the Grand Chapter should not govern itself on assumptions.

Autonomy was never intended to give a Grand Chapter the authority to set up bylaws that create “Officers for life.” The Widows Sons were set up as the Grand Lodges are. There are no “Officers for Life” in Freemasonry, so there should be none in the Widows Sons.             

If a Grand Chapter is governing itself in a manner that does not coincide with its Grand Lodge governing, The Grand Chapter becomes a rogue chapter.

Recognition of other Grand Chapters comes through autonomy. A Grand Chapter should only decide recognition of another Grand Chapter. A Grand Chapter who makes statements to recognize or derecognize an affiliate chapter from another state is an attempt to have a voice in the workings of another state.  Autonomy only provides within your state when you are conforming to your Grand Lodge Law.


The rumor: 

“Nobody knew how big the Widows Sons would get, so the Widows Sons does not have a structure to handle something that grew this big.”

This is a good example of a partial truth being spread and used as a tool to make you believe the structure of our autonomy does not work. It is a sales pitch and nothing more. Its hope and intention is to propel a small group, from within our group into prominent title holders of regional, national or international positions of authority. They are attempting to create division by an illusion that our structure is not keeping up with our growth.  They are promoting “Regional Coordinators as their solution. This is the first step in destroying your autonomy and bringing their new structure, into a regional, national or international governing body of the Widows Sons.


Now,  lets investigate the true part of the rumor on the Widows Sons growth. We knew the Widows Sons would grow throughout the U.S. To promote the growth of the Widows Sons, we uploaded the first Widows Sons website on Mastermason.com, and introduced the Widows Sons to freemasonry. To grow the organization was the only reason for a website. The fact that we put up a website in the earliest days proves we were trying to grow the Widows Sons, or we would never have put up a website. When we had a few chapters we put up the domain at
http://WidowsSons.Com  and added a forum http://international.widowssons.com for communication among members. Ask yourself, why did we do this if we didn’t expect it to grow?

So, knowing the Widows Sons would grow, the bylaws were set up for each oncoming chapter to use as their own so that each state would operate within the rules and guidelines of its Grand Lodge. In other words, imitate how their Grand Lodge operates when they became new chapters. 

You, as a Widows Son, especially if you joined the Widows Sons because you liked what the Widows Sons stand for, should ask your self, Does this fact dispel any falsehoods created by this year and a half old rumor? You should also ask yourself what were the intentions of this small group from within who started and spread this rumor at the start up of there own International Widows Sons website and forum. Was this rumor started in order to cause confusion among the craft or to divide the craft? What was their purpose of this rumor?




The Widows Sons are being controlled by the original website.”


The Widows Sons website controls nothing. It was uploaded back in the beginning to promote the Widows Sons. So far almost every Grand Chapter in existence has found the Widows Sons through the Official website at http://widowssons.com  

The website was uploaded only for the purpose of making the Widows Sons known to as many Masons who ride as possible.  Forms were added for those who wish to inquire about becoming chapters of Widows Sons.

The second Grand Chapter, the Grand Chapter of the Netherlands, came on about 5 months after the website was uploaded.  The website then brought an Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and a Wisconsin chapter. They fell because the concept was too new to Freemasonry. Another Indiana chapter and Ohio chapter popped up and failed again. Then Connecticut contacted us and we began their process. Then Florida called and they were working fast to be chartered. 


Each of these chapters came through the Official website. I call it “Official” because it was set up by me as a part of the Widows Sons, shortly after the founding. The website was attached to the Widows Sons, in the Widows Sons’ early stages, as the Official website of the Widows Sons. Nobody complained about the word “Official" on the website until the copy-cat website was introduced in 2010.



Why do you think this rumor, another, by the same small group from within, was started and spread? If you check the time line of this rumor, you will find that it was started and spread shortly after this small group from within launched their own copy-cat version of the International Widows Son website and forum.

Also, ask yourself, was this rumor started and spread by his small group from within the group to confuse the craft into thinking their new website became an Official website of the Widows Sons in the year 2010, when the Official Widows Sons website was operating for 14 years already? 

Is this copy-cat website and forum a blatant attempt to create division among the Widows Sons and provide a divide and conquer arena for those from in this small group from within?

Since this small group from within joined the Widows Sons to support the goals of the Widows Sons, why do they need to imitate the official website with a copy-cat version. Was the Official website the website that handled all the fast growth of the Widows Sons? Do you think the copy-cat website was uploaded as a tool to change the path and structure of the Widows Sons from its original structure as founded and turn the Widows Sons into a MC based national ruling structure?




“Carl Davenport has no say in any Widows Sons chapter.”


That is correct, and I am not looking for any. I want the Grand Chapters to rule and govern their state with equal regularity. Just like the Grand Lodges do. This rumor is being twisted to make those unaware of what is really happening think I am butting into the business of chapters daily.

This small group from within does not like what the Founders site defines about the founding purpose and how the Widows Sons were designed to operate. The founding purposes and goals do not fit into their agenda. So, they claim the founding purposes and intentions are interfering with the goals of many Grand Chapters.

This only points out that this small group is not conforming to the principles of the organization they joined to and promised to support.  It proves they have an agenda different from the agenda of the Widows Sons organization they joined. Not a single one of this small group from within was around in those founding days, but they are spreading rumors of how he Widows Sons should operate as if they were there in the beginning. But they weren’t., so it is their agenda, not the founding agenda.

Some questions you Can ask yourself:

Has Carl Davenport ever pushed anything on your Grand Chapter? Has he ever demanded anything from your chapter? Has he ever made any requests for anything from your chapter other than that you follow the founding purposes of the Widows Sons?

Those who started, and are spreading this rumor, have a desire to create Regional Coordinators. They claim these Coordinators will have no authority. So, then what is their purpose? Are they just titles? Are they Museum pieces? If you believe that, you are far too easily led and should study this proposal somewhat deeper.

The temporary Coordinators were removed because they were leaving chapters they were forming stranded without finishing the chartering process. There were others who were chartered and left to fend for them selves without any mentoring about how we should govern ourselves as Widows Sons.

The temporary coordinators were also attempting to form a national governing committee. So, the chapters that did not whole heartedly agree with this concept were dropped in the middle of the process and never chartered. I was contacted by several of them and helped them get chartered.

I was told personally during a phone conversation by one of these temporary coordinators that he was the “go-to” guy for he Widows Sons. If I needed anything to call him otherwise just sit back and shut the f#%& up. By the way, the temporary coordinators were retired from duty the next day.

Ask yourself, Do you need a “go-to” guy in the Widows Sons when advice or consultation is available from every Grand Chapter that is chartered? What if your “go-to” guy does not meet your needs and his agenda is not yours?



“The Widows Sons have evolved into what they are today”


This is an outright fantasy by those who are pushing the Widows Sons to be what they want them to be. KFC has also evolved but its purposes and goals remain the same today. 

What this rumor fails to point out is the fact that a very hard push was implemented, for at least a year, to steer the Widows Son into the direction this small group from within desired for it to go.  Since this has not happened in their favour, they are very disappointed and angry and are spreading other vicious rumors to change the concept of the founding purpose of the Widows Sons into the concept they have for the Widows Sons. Ask them to prove whatever they claim.

When the truth finally shows up, the rumors created and spread by this small group from within will be dispelled one by one and the Widows Sons will get a rest from the disharmony and division these rumors have caused. The Widows Sons will heal and continue to grow in the direction they were founded to be.

The Widows Son, in spite of the division caused by this small rumor mill from within, have continued to grow in spite of them. We have added several new Grand Chapters over the last 9 months and have several more in progress. All these chapters have been founded in accordance with the founding concept. Is that against this so called “evolving” of the Widows Sons? If it is…so mote it be.

There are only a handful of states left who are not chartered.

Ask yourself, Do we need to give titles to a couple of persons to charter this small handful of unchartered states, when this authority is already vested in the Grand Chapters who wish to charter them? I think not.

Also, ask yourself, When a Grand Chapter gives up any of its responsibilities, does the Grand Chapter give up the authority that is attached to that responsibility also? If so, then when a person “titled” as a coordinator is given the Grand Chapter’s responsibility to charter, doesn’t the authority attached to chartering become the authority of a coordinator?

That is my issue here. It is claimed the coordinators will have no authority, but each responsibility they take has some Grand Chapter authority attached to it. That is only one item. Do you think the “titled” persons will take more responsibilities in the future, and will the authority attached go along with those responsibilities? So, my question is: Why should the Widows Sons Grand Chapters start giving away any responsibilities and the authority attached to them? Do these responsibilities, and the authority attached to them, belong solely to the Grand Chapters?



Carl Davenport, our founder, does not even own a motorcycle.

My bike was featured in the November 2012 issue of the WSMag. Another rumor, or do you perfer "lie" dispelled from  the small group of rebellion in the Widows Sons. When someone tries to tell you I don't have a bike give them this link. Don't believe anything until you verify it. If you receive a rumor or deragatory email, please forward it with the header included and I WILL VERIFY WHETHER IT IS TRUTH OR NOT.



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