Why a Founder's Website???

The founders website has one purpose. That purpose is to let ALL members of the Widows Sons know  that why the Widows Sons were founded and on what the Widows Sons were founded upon.

But...before I get started, as the founder of this great organization,  and contrary to what is being said on forums, behind my back, in private messages and in emails and phone calls by a handful who claim to be giving you good information about the Widows Sons, 

Due to receiving a few negative articles about my goals for the Widows Sons , I would like to plant a thought in your mind. Its just a thought;: When, you, a brother receives a negative "secret" message from one brother telling anything negative, about another brother or a masonic organization,  Are you, as a Mason, obligated to forward a copy of that negative correspondence you recieve to the accused brother for verification?  If this is so, and you have received anything negative about me or my relationship with the Widows Sons, or my personal life or anything,  I believe and would appreciate you being be fair enough to allow me to at least verify it for you. Only then will you have two sides of the story. Please send any negative info you receive(d) about me or my relationship with the Widows Sons or even my personal life for MY verification before sending it to anyone else. I promise and swear to verify it within 3 business days. If you don't send it to me for verification, please do not send it anywhere else because you will be spreading unverified information.

 I have no desire to have any control over the Widows Sons empire. This organization was designed to run itself by individual jurisdictions.  The Widows Sons are owned, lock, stock and barrel by its Grand Chapters.  Each Grand Chapter is the owner of its jurisdiction. My desire is, as it was from the beginning day of the Widows Sons,  for your Grand Chapter to remain  have full authority of its jurisdiction without anyone from outside your jurisdiction having any say, any consultation authority, or influence in your business matters. My desire is for you to run your jurisdiction as defined in your bylaws.

The Widows Sons were founded to aid and assist widows and orphans of master masons. That was the sole purpose and goal, but there was also a method to accomplish the goals.

The method to accomplish the purpose of the Widows Sons was to gather master masons in each state who ride motorcycles and introduce them to the Widows Sons' purpose. The rule was you have to be a master mason first, then you could join the Widows Sons. There was no intention to recruit into Freemasonry to stock the Widows Sons. Mason first then a Widows Son.

The next method to reach the goal was to provide each state with a level playing field in the power structure of the Widows Sons. That can only be accomplished by having each Grand Chapter in control of operating their jurisdictions. Their jurisdiction is their property and their charter is the deed to their property.  The Grand Chapter is the law of the land. It is the way the Grand Lodges were set up and it has proven itself for them for years.  Autonomy was added to prevent any person(s), group of chapters, committees, advisors or consultants with ideas of power from gathering together into a power block to control more than one jurisdiction.

Therefore, the Widows Sons purpose is; to aid and assist widows and orphans of master masons, by an organization made up of master masons having jurisdiction only in the state of the Grand Lodge whose jurisdiction they are under.

This is how the Widows Sons have grown. They have grown on the sound principles of being a master mason, and autonomy with the goal of aiding and assisting widows of master masons..

I have been told by a group who seek national officers that the Widows Sons are weakly structured and lack organization. The Widows Sons are NOT weakly structured and are not a weak organization.  They are organized just as they were planned to be, state by state There was no plan to have any Widows Son or any group of Widows Sons having any authority in any jurisdiction  in a state in which they are not a member of the Grand Lodge thereof.



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